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About Chantman

Born in St. Martin F.W.I. and cultivated in a mash up of cultures stemming from the hearts of Dominica, St. Martin and Antigua & Barbuda Emmanuel “Chantman” Christopher is truly the epitome of a world class artist. With a sound and delivery so versatile, it will be virtually impossible for his talent to be confined within a pre-formed box. His mysterious and entrancing voice definitely leaves listeners and fans yearning for more. His interest in music began at an extremely young age after joining his Primary School’s choir, where he realized music was a therapeutic medium to escape the stress of his non-existent relationship with his estranged parents and pressures of struggling household. In 1999, he had his 1st experience performing in front of a crowd on stage, which loved him, and he hasn’t turned his back on music since. He has worked with a few music groups in neighboring islands of Dominica and St. Martin, where he was a writer and lead vocalist for bands. It wasn’t long until Chantman realized the possibilities of enhancing his musical career within as well as outside of the West Indies. With the blessings of fellow band members, Chantman decided to continue his musical ventures as a solo artist. He currently resides Dallas Texas after spending some time in Atlanta Georgia . Recently graduated from a recording arts college program and is working full-time in the music industry breaking new grounds with his newly formed record Label Panthera Republic. He is currently building relationships in Africa after learning he shares DNA in Ghana and Guinea-Bissua. The 6’3 writer producer, engineer and visionary is creating his own sound, called Afro-Caribbean style. He intends to make you, the potential fans, family, followers, and listeners, fall in love with him and the new flavor he intends to bring to the industry.